Manifest list of Alien Immigrants of the S. S. La Champagne Ship
sailing from Havre, France (departed Nov. 16, 1901)
to the port of New York (arrived Nov. 24, 1901)
{compiled July 6, 2016 to August 10, 2017}

1. The original manifests are found on
2. This Excel document includes most of the handwritten columns. Given the manifest was handwritten some of the spellings would have to be checked & verified.
For example, some of the “Last Residence” cities in Italy would need to be checked for accuracy…that is: was the interpretation of spelling correct?

3. The main focus of this Excel sheet and others is mainly on those of Italian nationality (and Austrian & Swiss nationalities).
4. Only Italian records are highlighted in yellow that are traveling west of Adrian MI; Only Austrian & Swiss records are highlighted in blue that are traveling west of Adrian MI.
5. This Excel sheet is a concatenation of the 33 total manifest “translated” Excel sheets that just show those Italian, Austrian & Swiss passengers that were traveling west of Adrian Michigan. website is the source of the actual scanned manifest pages
Provided in association with: National Archives and Records Administration