JUNE 3, 2018

Dr. Maria Manca, Consul of Italy

Domenico Ruggirello, President of Com.It.Es Detroit and Chairman of the Council of Presidents.

Giovanni LoIacono, President of the Italian American Cultural Center in Clinton Township, Michigan.

Domenico and Mrs. Joanne Ruggirello.
Domenico is, President of Com. It.Es Detroit, Chairman of the Council of Presidents and Executive Secretary of the Italian American Cultural Center in Clinton Township, Michigan.

Honored guest, Jim Berryman, Mayor of Adrian, Michigan – instrumental in bringing forth the Adrian memorial tribute to the many Italian victims involved in the horrific railway wreck of November 27, 1901 known as Wreck on the Wabash.

Honored guest speaker for 2018, Mike Chirco, President of MJC.

Marina Maniaci, honored young guest speaker for 2018.

Group photo featuring, Consul of Italy Dr. Maria Manca in the center together with Com.It.Es President and Council of President Chairman , Domenico Ruggirello and other Council of Presidents Members, Italian American Cultural Center President, Giovanni Lo Iacono, guest speakers and other honored guests.

Here we see the Calabria Club of Michigan, in the center is Lou Guglielmetti, President and a few members of the Executive Committee.

This is the Sant’Elia di Fiumerapido Club in the Lazio region, south of Rome. To the left is Tony Di Ponio, President and also Treasurer of Com.It.Es Detroit. To the right is Antonio Di Ponio, Sr., Past President and other members.

Here we see the Venetian Club, who celebrated its 90th year in existence this year. Featured are Tina Silverio, member of the Venetian Club and member of Com. It.Es Detroit, Nello Silverio, Denise Silverio and Dave Pagnucco.

Here we see the Sardegna Club with President Maria DeRousch and a few young members wearing beautiful traditional costumes.

Here we see the Associazione San Giuseppe di Cinisi, from Sicily in the province of Palermo, with President Nate Palazzolo on the far right, Giovanni Orlando next to Nate who is past President and Com.It.Es Member and two other members.

This is the Puglia Club of Michigan with President Angela Mecca, Executive Secretary Ottavio Mecca and two other members.

Coro Italiano del Michigan, the oldest Italian choir in Michigan founded by Luigi and Angela La Marra. Luigi is first on the left and Angela is third on the right.

Federazione Siciliana del Michigan with Vice President, Giovanni LoIacono, in the center is Domenico Bonni’ and another member to the left, all waiting for the festivities to begin.  Showcased are beautiful cassata cakes.

Here we see the Federazione Abruzzese del Michigan with President Enzo Paglia and a few of the members showing their regional wares and offering their culinary specialties.

Here we see the Marsala Club from Sicily in the province of Trapani, with its President Joe Ciluffo and a few members.

This is the Associazione Alpini of Windsor, Ontario. These three gentlemen in formal uniform represent the Alpine armed forces of Italy.

This is the Mazara del Vallo Club with President Giovanni LoIacono, Giovanni’s wife Anna Marie LoIacono, a club member, club member Sue Vittorini and Com.It.Es President and Council of Presidents Chairman Domenico Ruggirello.

Antonio DiPonio, Sr. served in with the Italian Carabinieri, a paramilitary police force.  Here he is wearing the traditional celebratory Carabinieri uniform.